Not Born in the USA

The International Bridge linking the 2 Sault Ste Marie’s is long (3.2 km) but narrow (1 lane each way) and we watched traffic inch along it all day yesterday. This plus worry about border hassles motivated us to be out by 6:45 AM and, in the event, we were through by 7:30. This included getting export receipts for our electronic gear from a Canada Customs guy who literally appeared to be sleeping when I went inside to ask him, and who I am certain would not have even bothered to look at our stuff (eg. he would have issued an export receipt sight unseen) except that his co-worker made him. But it took about 4 minutes. Likewise on the US side, it was only a few minutes delay, and we were served by the friendliest customs officer ever who cracked jokes as he looked under our mattresses.

Today is the longest drive of the trip, according to Google Maps, 579 KM; SSM to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The GPS is totally confused today, which is a bit worrisome; if she is broken, I think we will have to buy a new one. For example, she clocked SSM to Fond du Lac about 100 KM shorter than Google, which in itself might be OK, but the route she plotted went via Duluth (a bit like driving Vancouver to Kamloops via Calgary), 1200 KM. The GPS also knew virtually nothing about SSM in terms of her database having the BP in it and so on.

The driving chore has been made immensely better this trip in that Lenore has done at least, if not more than, her share of the driving. I actually look forward to my driving shifts now, which is so great! We will probably switch every 150 KM or so today, and I hope we will make a stop somewhere to do something touristy.

[Many Hours Pass….]

Well, we didn’t stop anywhere touristy aside from a cheese shop where they had more free samples, literally, than a CostCo on a Saturday afternoon, including a salsa with the stern warning “not for children” (it was a bit on the hot side). I also learned here that 90% of Wisconsin’s milk production goes into cheese, which is a lot as they apparently sport 1,000,000 cows each of which generates 17,500 pounds of milk annually (milk is measured in pounds? I think I’ll go to Safeway when I get back and ask for 2 pounds of 2%).

After around 8 hours on the road and passing thru Green Bay and Oshkosh, here we are at Fond du Lac, about a half-hour south of Oshkosh. It’s a nice KOA as usual, nice warm pool, about half full which is a surprise given how many thousands of people descend on Oshkosh for the airshow (which starts tomorrow at 9 AM).


One response to “Not Born in the USA

  1. Wow – I’m loving reading about your trip. Feels like I’m almost along with you.

    What’s the Birthday girl doing for her day to celebrate?

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