Summer House

We arrived at the Summer House Park in Northern Bruce Peninsula in the late afternoon. It is our first private (non-KOA) park and it is REALLY nice. Tons of trees, swimming beach on a real lake, lots of activities, nice staff. etc.

Beach at Summer House, North Bruce Peninsula

Beach at Summer House, North Bruce Peninsula

A minor negative: no pool, but a real lake is even better. We spent the whole next day hanging around the campground, it was so nice.

Kidlets Goofing Off

Kidlets Goofing Off

Playing tennis; rented another outboard; read by the beach for a while; rented bikes; then late night games around the fire. We had thought of going on a cruise around “Canada’s first National Marine Park”, which is called Fathom Five (cool name!) and has tons of shipwrecks and good snorkelling. But we thought better of it, in part because apparently the lake water up here is very cold, and in part because the kidlets didn’t want to leave the campground.

Outboarding on Miller Lake

Outboarding on Miller Lake

 A couple more random observations:

1. It seems that this area of Ontario is occassionally referred to as “Ontario Northlands”. This is a bit of a joke insofar as we are almost as far South as you can get and still be in Ontario! But I guess it is the far North in terms of population distribution.

2. A lot of people in Ontario have tattoos! One guy had pictures of his kids tattooed, one on each arm. I don’t really like tattoos but I don’t have a visceral disgust of them either, the way my spouse does 😉

Nice Picture of Sam

Nice Picture of Sam


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