Great Wolf

Last night was one of relatively few times we are only staying in a campground one night. That was too bad because the NF KOA is really nice with tons and tons of activities and a nice pool. Oh well.

Today was a day long anticipated by the Tomkins brothers: Great Wolf Lodge day.

GWL is a fairly luxurious hotel located a few minutes from “The Falls”, whose claim to fame is an indoor waterpark that is accessible only to hotel guests. Staying here is VERY expensive, probably the most I have ever spent on a hotel room outside of downtown NYC, but the kidlets loved it. We basically spent the whole time we were allowed, 1 PM to 9 PM, on the waterslides and mini golf course. Our favorite ride was “Niagara Rapids” which had little motorized conveyor belts that shot your tube along the pipe; and “Wooly Mammoth” which is a big circular tube that half a dozen people can fit in. After closing we grabbed some food and hung out in the arcade for a bit before bed.

GWL is a lot of fun and I would moderately recommend it if you don’t mind taking the cash hit. But the waterpark is not THAT huge (somewhat bigger than your typical public park, but not as big as I expected), though it is really nice. The lineups were longer than I would have hoped for such an expensive place (the basic idea of making it available only to guests is to control lineups).

Oh, by the way, to occupy us before check-in time, we also went on a jet boat ride in Niagara Glen, just downstream of the falls. This was extremely fun. Highly recommended!


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