Cottage #1

Today we left NF around 10:30 and drove to Lurgan Beach, just south of Kincardine on the shore of Lake Huron, to hook up with my sister and her family. We got there around 1:00 after a propane stop (the RV fridge runs off propane and thus burns it continuously, even on hot days, of which we have had very few incidentally).
Paul and Ben on the Shore of Lake Huron

Paul and Ben on the Shore of Lake Huron

The Dubinski (that’s my brother in law Dave’s name) cottage has four major appeals: #1, Sandy/Dave/Paul/Anna are there, and they are the funnest family ever; #2, it’s right on the lakefront; #3, the water is very warm, I think this is because the lake is very shallow here; #4, there is a sandy beach extending up and down the lakefront as far as the eye can see. We spent the afternoon on cottagey activities, baseball, swimming, games, eating etc. before a big bonfire after dark. All four kids are getting along great and this day was a welcome respite from the busy tourist activity intense schedule that we had been keeping up. I almost forgot! On the way to the cottage, we stopped at the African Lion Safari, which is just outside Cambridge, near Waterloo (on the way we passed RIM headquarters). You drive around a track and see a bunch of african and other animals. It is a pretty good size. My main memory of this place is the jerks on front of us who were brazenly feeding crap to all the animals, in contravention of the usual no feeding rules, even after a park employee came by and told them not to. After the drive-round Ben and I went to one of those parrot shows where trained cockatoos ride miniature bicycles and so on. We were only here a couple of hours, tops…

African Wildlife in Suburban Ontario

African Wildlife in Suburban Ontario


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