Toronto #2

Today was the day Ben has been waiting for for months and months: we went to Canada’s Wonderland, which is an amusement park about an hour North of downtown. It is a really, really nice park. Unlike most parks, it has a lot of greenery mixed in amongst the rides, so it is not nearly so concrete-jungleish as, say, the parks in California, or just about anywhere else for that matter (Six Flags in Seattle is another notable exception).

The lineups were moderately bad, and unfortunately CW has no fast-pass system as does La Ronde and Disneyland, so we spent our share of time in lineups. We still had a great day (no pictures though, I didn’t want to have to carry around the D70 and the boys cameras do not link up with my laptop for some reason). The only real negative about CW, though, was the food was terrible and the food staff were horrible, I think maybe convicts sentenced to dispense food at CW in lieu of a regular prison sentence…

The most notable ride at CW is the Behemoth, which is a brand-new and fairly huge coaster, which is mostly an exercise in fear and stomach-content management. The funnest ride, by far, IMO, was the Back Lot Stunt Coaster, aka. the Italian Job. The Vortex was also quite fun. We also went on Dragon Fire, The Beast, The Fly, The Speedway, Thunder Run, White Water Rapids, and I’m sure I have forgotten some.

Finally: CW has a high dive show (almost identical to the one at La Ronde) and an ice show, the latter was GREAT, really awesome especially for a cheesy theme park thing. We bought caricatures of S&B but unfortunately they flew out the back of our open Jeep Wrangler rental on the way home. Despite our best attempts to get out of there early we shut CW down at 10 PM and didn’t get home til 11 PM (one negative about this part of the trip: the KOA is over an hour from downtown, way too far).


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