Gravenhurst #2

Unfortunately the weather was terrible overnight so our planned day of fun in Gravenhurst got off to a slow start. We did eventually find “downtown”, though, did a few chores, then took a 2-hour boat cruise up Lake Muskoka.

Lighthouse on Lake Muskoka

Lighthouse on Lake Muskoka

The Lake is quite large – my guess is, not as big as Okanagan, but much more circular in shape and in the middle of it it therefore FEELS huge (Okanagan is very long and narrow and at any particular point does not feel all that big). It was choppy, looked chilly, and we didn’t swim. But it was a nice day anyway just floating around on the cruise (it was on a 4-deck boat that held a couple hundred people. On the way back an old guy smashed his head, or something, and 911 met us as we docked).

I think I see a quarter down there!

I think I see a quarter down there!

This area has tons and tons of “cottages” that are without exception at least as big as a normal family house in Vancouver. I guess this is where all the Toronto millionaires hang out. There is also an airport nearby that we saw a couple of executive jets flying in and out of. This is a nice area but there is not a ton of tourist activity here, for example, the nearest SeaDoo rental (we are BIG SeaDoo renters!) was far enough away that we didn’t bother.

An investment banker's version of "cottage"

An investment banker's version of "cottage"

One last note about this region, it seemed DESERTED. There is a huge, beautiful boat dock as Muskoka wharf that could comfortably park dozens, and there was maybe one boat there. Where is everybody!?!? High gas prices keeping them home?

Dinner at BP and home early. Weather is still poor and never really cleared up all day.


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