Gravenhurst #1

Following our late arrival we slept in a bit and never really got going – for the first time ever (not just this trip), we spent the whole day just hanging around the campsite. The weather was iffy in the morning but pretty sunny and warm in the afternoon. We swam quite a bit (this KOA has two pools, one freezing, one probably the warmest pool I have ever swam in), playing golf (the KOA has a par-3 attached; I have never seen this at a KOA before; we lost 2 of our 3 balls on the first 2 holes, but overall, a pretty nice course for terrible golfers like us). Then we played a bunch of games and hung around the campfire. I thought we’d crash early but somehow this day whizzed by and we were still up at 10 PM.

Campsite #236

Campsite #236

This KOA is a bit unusual in that it appears the vast, vast majority of campers have trailers here permanently, and use this as a cheap form of cottage. Whereas most KOA’s are itinerant travellers like ourselves. Also by now, of course, there is not a shred of French to be seen or heard anywhere.

Ben in the KOA Playground

Ben in the KOA Playground


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