Random Thoughts

Unless we head into Quebec tomorrow (it’s right across the river from Ottawa), we have now bid farewell to that province, and I have to say, we had a GREAT time there. The language issue was really not much of a problem and I like that our kids got some relatively big (by BC standards) exposure to a different language. Originally I admit I was kind of viewing Quebec as something we should do but I was kind of looking forward to putting it behind us; but in the event, Quebec was great in every way. It’ too bad about Celine Dion, but you really can’t hold that against Quebec; BC has its share of freakshows too, and at least she has an awesome voice.

A couple more random observations…

1. As you get into the QC area of Quebec, 9 out of 10 towns have names that start with “Ste” (as in Saint) and have at least a half-dozen dashes in them, as in “Ste-Marie-Leblanc-De-La-Omelettes-Fromages”.

2. Sandy says that in Ottawa there are two seasons: Winter, and Construction.

I suppose I should say something more about weather. It was very muggy at La Ronde and a little less so in Ottawa today; but other than that, it’s been awesome, sunny and warm but not too hot. Mosquitoes were a fairly big issue at La Mauricie and here and there at KOA’s, but overall, they’re not too bad at all.

Lenore has asked me to publish a correction regarding RV driving. She has reminded me that the reason she didn’t drive during our 2006 Arizona trip is because she broke her glasses, and on the 2007 Maritimes trip is because her back was hurting too much. On this trip, she has been very helpful driving and I am eternally grateful for that. This will be really great during the long haul from Minneapolis to Drumheller!


2 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. Awesome job on the blog you guys!

    Sure wish we were in another motorhome with you guys, but this is the next best thing.

    Great adventure, great stories and as always, great pictures!


  2. Loving the blog and the pics. Glad to hear the boys are having a great time touring this amazing country we live in. Hope you and Lenore are as well. John and I are very envious.

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