Well, here we are on day one away from BC. We spent the first three days away from Vancouver at the cabin in Parker Cove, aka. Vernon, with Nicole and Alex (cousins), and boy was it ever one of the best Parker Cove weekends EVER. Yesterday, we caught the 11:45 AM WestJet out of Kelowna, which eventually delivered us to Montreal via Toronto at about midnight.

Final Moments in BC - Kelowna Airport

Final Moments in BC - Kelowna Airport

I have two major memories of Montreal. One is, being about 8 (??) years old, going up Montreal, and seemingly every square inch of grass being covered in litter. I think this was because they had just finished up some festival or other, and I wouldn’t hold this against Montreal.

My other memory is various trips out here on behalf of Dataphile, all of which were a combination of stressful and mildly exciting. Dataphile never really established a beachhead in Montreal the way we did in Toronto, and I never really got comfortable here the way I have in Toronto.

Anyway, the kids are still on Vancouver time and asleep, but we had better get up soon to hit the free hotel breakfast. Today, we are going to take one of those touristy bus trip things (we always do that in new cities), pickup the RV and groceries, and I will probably take Ben to La Ronde (roller coaster park) while Lenore and Sam unpack stuff. Time permitting it would be fun to rent bikes from Ca Roule, but I suspect time will not permit 😉


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